FinalMesh Editions

FinalMesh is available in two forms. Standard and Professional. Professional edition includes AO Occlusion and UV Unwrap tools.

In both cases, installer is the same. Edition is determinet by product key. You may purchase FinalMesh Professional Edition separately or upgrade your existing FinalMesh Standard Edition any time.

Standard Professional
3D Import
3D Export
3D PDF Export
WebGL Export
Ambient Occlusion*  
UV Unwrap*  
Make disassembly animation*  
Create Vector Illustartions**


* These tools may work in standard edition, but you will be able to save file to .fmesh file only. After providing professional key, files may be published to pdf, WebGL or saved to anothher file format.

** In trial mode or with standard license this feature is limited to 32768 ploygons in scene.