File Formats

*List of supported format is constantly growing.


ase 3DSMAX ASCII Scene Export Import
amf Additive Manufacturing File Format Import
lwo Lightwave Object Import
lws Lightwave Scene Import
u3d U3D File Import/Export
blend Blender
Almost all object types are supported.
3ds 3D Studio Mesh Import/Export
prj 3D Studio Project Import
obj Wavefront Object Import/Export
dae Collada Import/Export
ply PLY File Import
raw RAW Triangles Import/Export
stl Stereolithography CAD Import/Export
3dm Rhinoceros 3D Import
sia, sib Nevercenter Silo Import
pdf Adobe PDF - 3D Content
Only first u3d file is imported.
vrml, wrl, wrz VRML Import/Export
c4d Cinema 4D
Almost all features are supported, including primitives, deformers, animations, etc. Cinema4D installation is not required. 32 bit version does not support files from latest versions of Cinema 4D.
json JSON mesh.
Format used by many WebGL tutorials and demos. For instance
dxf AutoCad DXF Import
fmesh Final Mesh File Import/Export
jt JTOpen
Version 8,9,10 are supported. There is a possibility to import highest or all LOD levels. Metadata is supported
fbx Autodesk FBX Technology (.fbx) Import/Export
skp Sketchup files.
32 bit version is limited to version 15.0. 64 bit version support files from latest Sktechup version.
Dynamic components are supported by 64 bit version only.
vtk Visualization Toolkit File Import
lxp, lxo, lxl, lxl MODO Import
3mf 3D Manufacturing Format Import
ifc Industry Foundation Classes Import
off Object file format Import
step,stp STEP File, 3D CAD data exchange format. (ISO 10303-21). Import
gltf, glb glTF™ - GL Transmission Format. Vresion 1 and 2. Draco compression is not supported yet. Import
iv3d WebGL Package Export
e57 The E57 file format is a compact, vendor-neutral format for storing point clouds, images, and metadata produced by 3D imaging systems, such as laser scanners Import
svg Scalable Vector Graphics Import


jpeg JPEG File Interchange Format Import/Export
png Portable Network Graphics image file Import/Export
bmp Windows bitmap image file Import/Export
tga Truevision TGA Import/Export
psd Adobe Photoshop document file Import
jp2, j2k Jpeg 2000 Import
gif Graphics interchange format Import
tiff Tagged image file format Import/Export
flc, cel 3D Studio for DOS images Import
dds DirectDraw Surface Import