The Viewport is the large area in the center of the interface where the 3d objects are displayed. It's also where we edit the 3d scene.

Navigation in viewport

Viewport naviagtion mode, e.g. rotation, zoom or pan, object selection mode, etc are controlled by Navigation tooblar. How to select objects or change viewport is described here.

Viewport Controls

At the top of the Viewport window is the viewport controls.

Viewport Toolbar

  Undo/Redo point of view.
Default view
View to All.
Viewport Camera, select from:
  • Rotate View - click on down arrow to select rotation mode
  • Zoom View - click on down arrow to select from Dolly and FOV zoom method.
  • Pan View
Navigate in scene (rotate. scale, pan) around mouse cursor
Model Views menu
View menu - select predefined views (Left, Top, Right, ...) or select scene camera.
Render menu - select standard or define your own render mode: Solid, Wireframe, Boudning Boxes, Illustration, etc.
Viewport Features - change viewport settings: Double sided, Textures, Shadows, etc.
Lights menu - select light scheme. Learn more about lighting.


Viewport Size

Click on this button if you want to set exact size of 3d window or select it from list of output forms. It is possible to create your own form and select it later.

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