This is preliminary documentation and does not describe all features.

FinalMesh 3D Converter

Command line 3d coinverter,

It is based on the same FinalMesh technology and may convert same file formats as FinalMesh. Converter is compatible with server environment and does not require video card.


[-in] input_fileName [-out destinationFileName.iv3d] [-cfg/-config configFileName.xml] [-verbose]

-? Display help
-format In case if used with help switch, will provide information about file format.
For instance, following command line will dipslay help about webGL package options:
/? -format {4254353A-0E8D-4573-93C2-14E5CA6D935A}
-verbose Display extra infomration.
-in Input 3d file name. Optional switch. It must be used in case if input file name is not in the first place.
-in Configuration file. It may include list of file names to process along with parameters. For more detailed description see this page.
-out Output file name.
-config Use xml configuration file. It may include parameters for file format filters.

All file names should be full file names. Surround file name with " if name contains spaces.



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