Main Menu

Along the very top of FinalMesh's interface is the Main Menu.

The main menu contains the most important FinalMesh commands. Each menu area and item is described in detail in its own section.

File File level operations including import/export, file and program information, account management. Also program preferences can be set here.
Edit Basic editing functions on 3d objects, including undo/redo, show/hide, etc.
Selection Menu with commands for changing current selection.
Object Selection of the different commands and tools, which may be applied to selected object or objects.
Create This menu contains almost all objects that can be created in FinalMesh application.
Animation Commands for working with animation and playback.
View Commands for organizing FinalMesh workspace, managing viewports and floating panels.
Tools Selection of the different tools, intendent for the whole 3d scene or 2d image.

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