Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline (NURBS) is an accurate mathematical representation of curves and surfaces. The shape of the surface is defined by a number of control points and the degree of that surface in each one of the two directions (u- and v-directions).

NURBS surfaces can be trimmed or untrimmed.

NURBS Primitives

NURBS Primitives are very similar to polygonal primitives, but they generates internal representation in NURBS forms, instead of polygons. This primitive may be converted tu NURBS with help of Rasterize Procedural Object command.

Ellipse Ellipse curve
Arc Arc curve
Cube NURBS Cube Primitive
Sphere NURBS Sphere Primitive
Plane NURBS Plane Primitive
Cylinder NURBS Cylinder Primitive
Cone NURBS Cone Primitive
Torus NURBS Torus Primitive
Disk NURBS Disk Primitive
Tube NURBS Tube Primitive

NURBS Objects

BRep BRep - boudning reprsentation
Surface NURBS Surface
Curve NURBS Curve

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