The Search bar lets us quickly find objects or materials in FinalMesh. To use the Search feature, click on the Search bar and start typing. Enter part of file name or part of object, material name in order to search for object.

File Open - Recent

Search in the list of recent open files. Widcards option is on for this type of seacrh.

File Open - Computer

Search in the list of local files. Widcards option is on for this type of seacrh.

3D Viewer mode

Seacrh for 3d object in scene tree or material in materials list. Click on Search Options button and change search parameters:

Name Search in names of objects and materials
Metadata Name Search in metdata names
Metadata Value Search in values of metadata
Match Case When selected, a Find Results search will be case-sensitive
Match Whole Word When selected, the Find Results windows will only return whole word matches.
Use Wildcards If this check box is selected, you can use it to refine a search by using any of the following wildcard characters.
To Find Use Example
Any single character ? obj?0 finds "obj10", "obj20"
Any string of characters * obj1*0 finds "obj100" and "obj12220"
One of the specified characters [] ca[rt] finds "car" and "cat"
Matches a range of characters. Remember to specify the characters in ascending order (A to Z, not Z to A) - c[a-z]t finds "cat" and "cct"

All objects found by search function may be selected by "Filtered Objects" command in Selection menu.

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