Clipping Plane

Cliiping plane may be created from Create Menu.

Clipping plane behave like any node in scene tree.

  • It may be hidden, visible and it may be moved or animated.
  • When hidden, clipping plane is not active.
  • If two or more planes are active Remove parts clipped by all planes option controls which parts are removed.

Properties of Clipping Plane.

Main Axis Axis of clipping plane. Clipping plane removes half of space and leaves second part. Thsi second part is in the direction of axis. At the same time clipping plane may be rotated and moved like any object.
Edge Length Just for representation of clipping plane. This property defines visual size of clipping plane.
Appearance Clipping plane may have some representation of may be fully invisible.
Outline When checked, line of intersection will be visible. Color is defined in options pane.
Cap When checked, clipping plane will produce solid objects. Closed by cap. Currently this options is supported by WebGL only.
Remove parts clipped by all planes When checked, only parts clipped by all planes will be rejected from output. When unchecked, clipping planes remove objects  one by one.

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