Array object duplicates single child object many times and arranges them in a apecial way.


Number and position of each child object depnds on type of array. In all cases array object duplicates first child object required number of times.

First item itself will be marked internally with attributes: no draw, no hit testing, no save. When array is disabled, created sub objects will be removed and first item will be restored into original state. In FinalMesh Object Pane, first item is displayed with orange color.

On image, grid array with 2x2x2 items is displayed. It creates 8 sub-objects and first item is leaved as is.


Position of each sub-object depends on type of array. However, there are few common things:

  • Original position of first item may be ignored or used. This controlled by Respect Item TM checkbox.
  • Additional object transformation may be specified by Item  Transformation page.
  • Position of each item may be randomized withh help of Randomize page.

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