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Restore Layout Click to restore layout to its original state
Color Theme Choose the Light, Dark, or White color theme for FinalMesh.
UI Scale Select an option, such as 125% or 150%. FinalMesh UI items will appear larger as the scaling increases. 100% is default value.
Relative to System Scale UI Scale will depend on system scale settings. In this case you may drag window to monitor with different scale settings and FinalMesh will adjust scaling.


Show full path in title bar Show full file name in application title bar.
Boot to open pane Display Open Pane after starting FinalMesh
On Double Click What to do in case of double click on 3d object. Available actions are:
  • Nothing
  • View to Object
  • Inspect Internals
  • Quick Info
Undo Selection Include selection in undo/redo stack.
Revert to 'Selection Mode' after Markup Restore selection mode after creation of new markup.
Show Unsaved Changes Warning Show prompt to save changes to 3d file.


Time Mode Change default time format: Seconds, Frames, Minutes:Seconds,  SMPTE
Default Position Controller Choose from Linear, TCB, Bezier
Default Rotation Controller Choose from Angle Axis, Quaternion, Euler Angles Linear, Euler Angles TCB, Euler Angles Bezier.
Default Scale Controller Choose from Linear, TCB, Bezier


Keyboard Shortcuts... Display current keyboard shorcuts.


Raytacer Options... Display raytracer options.

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