Ambient Occlusion Dialog

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Lighting Defines lighting area. It may be whole sphere, top hemisphere or current lights. In last case simulates
Render To Defines target material channel: Diffuse, Ambient, Emissive, Light Map.
Image Size Size of texture.
Force update existing texture If checked, existing images will be rescaled to new size. If check box is not set, image will be used in its current resolution.
Quality Quality from 0 to 100. Please not that high quality may be very slow.
UV Channel Desired UV channel. WebGL publisher supports 0 and 1 channels only. PDF only 0. If your model already has regular texture, then 1 will be right choice. If you are going to use only AO texture, 0 channel is better choice.
Generate UV if not available If UV channel is not present, AO tool may call UV Unrwapper and generate proper UV channel for you.
Options Preferences of UV Unwrapper.

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