Disassembly 3D

This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.

Tool for making disassembly animations. It may work in fully automated or semi-automated mode, Corrections are possible after or during making animations.

How to use

Select Parts

  • In FinalMesh select objects and click . Parts may be added one by one, all at once or in chunks. Parts already in the list are ignored.
  • To remove all parts from list, click .
  • To remove single part, right click on any part and select Delete from menu.

Make Animation

  • Click Process to automatically create animation. If order of parts is wrong, it is possible to create animation part by part, force any part to be the next one or lock any part.
  • In order to create animation part by part, click on "Process Next".
  • To force any part to be the next one, right click on it and select "Process Part".

User Interface


Add selected objects to the list of parts
Remove all parts from this list.
Process Automatically process all parts and create animations
Process Next Automatically locate next part which may be removed and remove it.
Configure allowed axes of movement and duration of each movement.


List contains parts to be processed or already processed parts. Processed parts are in in the top of list, first part is on the top.

Right click on any part to get list of options and additional actions.

  • Lock part. When part is locked, it is not moved, but will affect rest parts.
  • Process this part. Make disassembly animation for this part.
  • Remove Animation. Remove wrong animation.

Lock Axis

Click on axis combo box and select axis component. Movements along unchecked axes will not b eused by auto disassembly algorithm.

Track Pad

Click and drag to move active part back and forward. This help to make path of part extraction longer or shorter.

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