Help - Boolean

Boolean modifier works with two operands: A and B.


Properties of Boolean modifier. 


Boolean operation:

MERGE Combine two source objects. This is not a boolean operation, just combining of geometry without any logic.
a OR b Make UNION of two objects.
AND b Make INTERSECTION of two objects.
SUB b Subtract b from object a.
SUB a Subtract a from object b.
CUT b Subtract b from object a. This is not a classic 3d boolean operation, it leaves only parts of first object which are inside of second one. Produced surface is not closed and first object may be not closed too. See image below for an example.
CUT a Subtract a from object b. See previous mode.
~(a CUT b) Opposite to a CUT B. Opposite means that parts which are outside of second objects will be in produced object.


Preserve Normals Keep normals of source objects.
Optimize Result If checked, result will be optimized by removing extra points, joining edges, removing small holes. See example below. This option applied optimizer modifier internally with default options, if you need more control, disable this option and apply Optimizer modifier
Enabled Enable or disable modifier. When disabled, it works like regular node.


Advanced Properties

Relative Treshold In case if results are wrong because of mathematical precision, you may play with threshold value.
  One of the special cases is flat surfaces which are touching each other. Settings below, may help to activate special algorithm for processing such surfaces.
Max Angle Angle between surfaces. Angle is measured degrees.
Max Distance Distance between surfaces.
Reset Restore all values to defaults.



Source object A and group of objects (as B operand):

Group Of Objects



Optimize result Off.

Optimize result On.

Image 3

CUT operation. Compare with SUB on previous image.


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