Help - Animation Timeline

Timeline pane is shown when file has animations or if this pane was shown from menu. This pane allows to view, play, create and change animation. Animation menu in main menu provides alternate way to work with animations.


  1. Time Slider.
  2. Time Range Selector
  3. Playback buttons: Previous frame, Next frame, Play backward, Play forward, Start, End
  4. Autokeying. When checked, all changes in objects position will be saved to animation keys.
  5. Record Active Object button. Click on it in order to create animation keys for selected objects at current time/frame.
  6. Show Animation Sequences button.
  7. Animation Sequences list and buttons. Use button in order to show this part,
  8. Animation Tracks for active object or list of scene animations.


Animation Sequences

FFinalMesh supports multiple animations per single scene file. For instance, character may have "Run", "Idle", "Jump" animations in one file and it is possible to switch animations in Animation Sequences window or via Animation menu.



FinalMesh has tools to modify animation sequences as a whole. Right click on any sequence and select action from modify menu. Same actions are available in top level Animation menu.

Currently available tools are:




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