Help - Command Line

FinaleMesh.exe /switches FileName

Where FileName is full file name. Name may be in double quotes.


/last Load last loaded file
/save = fileName Save to another format. Name may be with or without double quotes.
/exit Exit after save or after errror.
/template = name Name of PDF or Web template. With or without double quotes.
/type = guid Type of target file format. Guid of file type can be found in this page.
/log = fileName Log important information to text file. May help in debugging crashes on some hardware.


'=' is optional


FinalMesh.exe c:\data\tool.fmesh /save z:\1.pdf /exit /template "3 Views"
FinalMesh.exe E:\Clouds\3D\Formats\fbx\box.fbx /save z:\web2\box.png
FinalMesh.exe "E:\Clouds\3D\Formats\fbx\lego robot.fbx" /save="z:\!\a.json" /type={4E15D8CD-3112-4688-8319-CBF130555F73}
FinalMesh.exe "E:\Clouds\3D\Formats\fbx\lego robot.fbx" /save="z:\!\a.json" /type={4E15D8CD-3112-4688-8319-CBF130555F73} /exit

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