Help - U3D Export

Universal 3D (U3D) File Format.  The Universal 3D File Format was primarily intended for downstream 3D CAD repurposing and visualization purposes. However it is mostly used in PDF as container for 3D content.


[X] Cameras to Views Convert Cameras to Views and save them to U3D file. These views will be selectable in views menu.


[X] Compression Use compression built into u3d format. Since U3D in PDF is compressed, there is no big difference in U3D compression.
[X] UV Write UV coordinates.
[X] Normals Write normals. Normals may be recreated by PDF reader. You may need to check how model looks in reader without normals. If everything is OK, you may switch this option off.
[X] Materials Write materials or use default one.
[X] Textures Write textures or not.
[X] Current Viewport Save current viewport or not.
[X] Animation Save animation.
Existing Pivots Represent pivot points via animation or with help of additional nodes.
[X] Prefix metadata with numbers May be used for keeping order of metadata items in PDF



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