Navigation in viewport

Viewport naviagtion mode, e.g. rotation, zoom or pan, object selection mode, etc are controlled by Navigation tooblar.

Viewport Controls

Viewport Toolbar

  Undo/Redo point of view.
  Default view
View to All.
  View menu - select predefined views (Left, Top, Right, ...) or select scene camera.
  Render menu - select standard or define your own render mode: Solid, Wireframe, Boudning Boxes, Illustration, etc.
Settings menu - change viewport settings: Double sided, Textures, Shadows.
  Lights menu - select light scheme. Learn more about lighting.
  Render active viewport - render current window using built in raytracer.


Viewport Size

Click on this button if you want to set exact size of 3d window. It is possible to create your own layout, select it and save it.

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